Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the Gallywix Community website! We are still working on fleshing out this front page, but you can access information about all of our services, FAQ and more on the sidebar to the left. If you are completely new or was linked here from Trade Chat; The Gallywix Boosting Community is a collection of players from top guilds that have come together under one banner to carry out gold boosts of various things like Mythic+, Heroic/Mythic Raids, Achievement Runs and more. Most of our raiders are here to make gold for their consumables or their own personal use. What sets us apart is that we are strict about the boosters that we let into our community. This allows us to have higher quality runs since our boosters are all hardcore players, and it allows us to start boosting difficult content earlier. If you are interested in becoming a booster with us and you are in a top 100 guild or think you are otherwise qualified, you can apply for that here.

If you are interested in becoming an advertiser who gets a 10% cut on everything that you book, you can apply for that here.